Competition Air Rifles

You really can't go wrong with competition air rifles, they are designed for one thing, precision accuracy.  The architecture of these rifles is built to excel as a 10 meter air rifle in Olympic events.  In competition shooting, you are not allowed to use a scope, you must rely on the sights of the rifle and the quality of the rifle itself.  

Competition pellet rifles can be adjusted to fit the shooter's body size, the cheek piece to the shooter's eye level,  and can grow with young shooters as they age.  The quality of your competition air rifle will be a huge deciding factor in 10 meter events.  


Air Arms Pro-Sport

$1,312.49 $944.99

The specs show that the Pro-Sport has a 9.5" Lothar Walther barrel. We've had a number of customers email us that this is a mistake. It is not. The barrel really is only 9.5" long. The gun has a shroud over the barrel, and the shroud is longer than the...

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