Multi Pump BB Guns

Multi-pump BB guns require the shooter to pump the gun one or several times for each shot. A pump BB gun can last for decades with their reliable design and proper care. In pneumatic guns varying the number of pumps will change the velocity. 


Crosman 760 Pumpmaster

$46.43 $41.03

The 760 Pumpmaster is what all the other multi-pump pneumatics want to be! In production for decades, over 10 million have been sold. It shoots BBs or .177 pellets and does so with power and accuracy. At less than 3 lbs., it's a great starter air...

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Crosman 2100B Air Rifle

$91.79 $83.15

Crosman 2100B air rifle Multi-pump pneumatic Repeater 17rd BB mag (200rd BB reservoir) Single-shot pellet rifle 11mm dovetail 3-10 pumps (Never pump more than 10 times!) Amazing accuracy* Always put a single pump in your rifle when you're done shooting...

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Crosman 1377C / PC77

$75.59 $68.03

Crosman 1377C / PC77 air pistol, now called P1377 New sleek and modern design! An easy to operate, hard to put down bolt action pneumatic pistol (Model: P1377BR) If ever there was a classic American air pistol, it would be this gun. The Crosman 1377C...

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