Air Venturi

Air Venturi Avenger Pre-Charged Pneumatic Regulated PCP Air Rifle

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If you are looking for a rifle that offers all the benefits of a PCP Air Rifle but at a cheaper price, you have come to the right page. The Air Venturi Avenger is an amazing alternative to the PCP that is highly affordable but doesn’t compromise on performance or build quality.

Air Venturi Avenger packs in the power of 4,351 PSI and delivers 300 BAR of muzzle energy – good enough for a target range of up to 150 yards. It features a burst-firing mode of three shots each, and the shots it fires are accurate with a negligible spray spread between shots – around .06” or 1.5mm at 100 yards. The synthetic stock coupled with a two-stage adjustable trigger and a fully shrouded barrel ensures that the recoil is controlled and the gun is easy to handle. But what really sets this baby apart is its low bore axis which helps the gun utilize its larger-than-the-average barrel to deliver a smooth, power-packed shot.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned hunter or a gun enthusiast. Air Venturi Avenger is an excellent air rifle to play around with. As far as pneumatic regulated air rifles go, the Air Venturi Avenger is not just one of the best options but also one of the most affordable.

Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 

  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic 
  • Sidelever Cocking
  • Synthetic Stock
  • Externally Adjustable Regulator (Up to 3,000 PSI / 210 BAR)
  • Easily accessible Hammer Spring Adjustment Screw
  • Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger
  • Max Fill Pressure: 4,351 PSI (300 BAR) 
  • Fully Shrouded Barrel
  • Picatinny Rail on Fore-end of stock
  • Holes in front and rear of stock for mounting swivel studs for a sling
  • Dual Gauges - Reg Pressure (RH Side) and Fill Pressure (LH Side)
  • Male Quick Disconnect Fill Fitting
  • Easy Access Degassing Screw 
  • Manual Safety
  • 11mm dovetail/weaver combination scope rail 
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 rds. (.177 & .22), 8 rds. (.25) 
  • Includes two magazines and single shot tray