8 Advantages of Shooting the Gamo Wildcat Air Rifle

21st Apr 2021

When you're a kid, there's nothing better than playing outside on a fair-weather day. A soft breeze, a vivid blue sky, and laughing with friends are the thing that mold childhood memories. .

One of the best activities for days like those is shooting air rifles. Air rifles serve many purposes, but most importantly, they serve as objects to bond over. Parents can use them to teach firearm safety and useful skills.

If you or your child want to hone your marksmanship but don't want to use real firearms, a Gamo Wildcat is the perfect place to start. A Gamo air rifle is an excellent tool for training accuracy and varmint shooting.

While there are many air rifles on the market (there's an entire Christmas movie about one), Gamo rifles offer several benefits that make them ideal.

If you're wondering what kind of air rifle to purchase, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll examine eight reasons why the Gamo Wildcat rifle should rank high on your list.

1. Excellent Barrel Design

For an old-school design, the Gamo Silent Cat is top-of-the-line. The barrel of the gun is rifled, allowing for superb accuracy. Smoothbore air guns (those without a rifle boor) are often less accurate.

Rifled bores cause the pellet or bb to spin on firing. That spin gives the projectile a bit of energy that helps it fly on a straighter path.

Smooth bores, however, do not produce this energy. As such, their pellets often lose energy early in their flight path and veer off-course. This makes them less reliable. The rifled bore of a Gamo rifle makes it a much better choice.

2. Shooting Velocity and Accuracy

Whenever a group tests the Gamo Wildcat, one of their repeated findings is that its shooting and velocity are top-notch. Every pellet that it test-fires proves accurate.

As such, this rifle is accommodating of many different types of pellets and ammunition.

The maximum velocity that the Gamo Wildcat can hit is 1150 fps, which is an incredible velocity. To give you an idea of just how impressive that is, the speed of sound measured in fps is 1125.

This means the rifle can achieve supersonic velocity! However, bear in mind that not allcompatible ammunition will fire at this velocity.

Only the lightest pellets can achieve this velocity, such as the Gamo Raptor Platinum pellets. Several different pellets tested well in terms of accuracy. However, the most accurate pellet tested was the JBS Exalted Diablo 8.44 Grain.

A vital component to the rifle's accuracy is the Inert Gas Technology (IGT) piston. This crucial air rifle feature allows for close groupings and consistent firing!

3. Cocking and Trigger Pulling

Cocking the air rifle is relatively easy, particularly for an adult. Only about 42 lbs of force are required to cock the rifle. Because this is an air rifle, the ability to cock the gun quickly is critical.

Air rifles are not automatic, unlike other rifles on the market like Gas Airsoft guns. This means you must cock the gun after each shot, like a pump-action shotgun in a Western.

The trigger requires some force to pull; it's not a hair-trigger that will fire if you so much as graze it. However, while it may take a little more strength to pull, tests show it does not hinder its shooting.

4. Built-In Scope

The Gamo Wildcat features a useful add-on; it has a scope that enables sharpshooting out to distances of 40 yards. This scope serves to increase the rifle's already-sharp accuracy.

5. Gamo Wildcat Whisper Technology

Gamo Wildcats feature whisper technology that helps muffle the sound of the gunshot. This silencer is a useful tool in keeping your shooting quiet.

It also helps conceal your presence from animals. However, keep in mind that if you use the lightest pellet and produce shots that break the sound barrier, it will be loud regardless of the silencer.

If you are trying to shoot in silence or quiet, it may be better to sacrifice speed and use heavier pellets.

6. A Tool for Varmint Shooting

Air rifles are wonderful tools for training your marksmanship and improving your accuracy. However, they do not have tobe solely practice tools.

The Gamo Wildcat's scope, accuracy, and silencer make it great for varmint shooting. If you keep a garden that gets invaded regularly by small critters, this air gun can help to keep them away.

Even if you're not interested in killing the animal, you can change tactics. By firing a booming shot, you can scare the animals off.

7. Synthetic Stocks

Stocks are a crucial component of rifles. They are the part of the rifle that you hold and press into your shoulder to aim. Whenever you consider a rifle purchase, air rifle or not, you must pay attention to the stock.

The Gamo Wildcat has a sleek, smooth synthetic stock. Its design makes it resistant to all weather conditions (within reason. Don't leave it outside during a blizzard). It also has a recoil pad of ventilated rubber to help absorb recoil.

8. Affordability

One reason why the Gamo Silent Cat is such a good purchase is that it's affordable. The average price for one of these is about $150. That's a fair price for an air rifle, and it's particularly suitable for this model.

When you consider the various assets of this rifle, the gun is well worth its cost. Many of the products that go into it would cost far more if bought separately.

Its make, weight, and shooting material make it a competitive option in a market where products can sometimes cost $500 or more. If you're on a budget, this rifle is a great place to start.

If you're interested in the Gamo Wildcat, take the first step! Visit our website today to see if this gun is right for you!