Air Gun Questions: The Answers You Need

28th Apr 2020

If you would like to buy an air gun but do not know much about them, you likely have a lot of questions. Many people are curious about air guns but do not know how to find the right one for them. This guide reveals the most common questions people have when buying their first air gun. You will learn everything you need to find one that makes sense for you and your situation, and you can then move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

This guide explores different air guns and what each type achieves so that you won't have trouble locating one that's perfect for you. Air guns are great for recreational activity and competitions, but you can also use them for hunting and pest control. Competitive air gun shooting is a fun way to pass the time for many people. You can use air guns to hunt small game and to keep the pests on your property under control so that they do not get out of hand.

What Is an Air Gun?

You need to know what an air gun is before you decide if you would like to buy and use one. You might have trouble telling the difference between an air gun and a firearm, and you are not alone. This section explains what air guns are and how they work, allowing you to choose with confidence.

Standard firearms rely on gunpowder and internal explosions to launch the projectile out of the barrel, and they don't need an external source of pressure to achieve that goal. Air guns, on the other hand, depend on pressurized air to launch the projectile out of the barrel. Most air guns require you to use a carbon dioxide cartridge.

When you are ready to shoot your air gun, you must attach the carbon dioxide cartridge to the gun to launch each pellet out of the barrel. Other air guns have a pump you use to pressurize the barrel and launch the pellet, so make sure you know what type you are buying if you do not want to be disappointed.

How Air Gun Works

You are now ready to explore how air guns work when you want to use them for sport, fun, pest control, or something else. Depending on the air gun you get, you must find pellets that are the right size if you would like to get the most from your experience. Most air guns list the type of pellet you need on the box, and you then find the right size at a local store or online.

If you have an air gun powered by carbon dioxide, make sure you have enough cartridges on hand before you begin. You place the pellets into the air gun and attach the carbon dioxide cartridge before you start shooting. The first trigger pull punctures the cartridge and releases a burst of pressurized air that launches the pellet forward.

Each trigger pull releases an additional burst of air that lets you continue firing the air gun, but some air guns don't work that way. In some cases, you use an air gun that requires you to use a pump that pressurizes the barrel. You must pump the air gun several times before each shot.

What is PCP Air Gun?

Pre-charged pneumatic air guns are newer than the other types and have a unique way of launching projectiles out of the barrel. Instead of attaching a carbon dioxide cartridge or using an air pump, PCP air guns have an air tank they use to hold pressurized air.

You use an external source of air to fill the air tank before each shooting session, and you will be ready to go. If you are curious about this type of air gun and want to learn as much as you can before spending your money, you are likely asking how many shots you get per session. The number of shots you get depends on the size of your tank. You can always use a portable air compressor to fill the tank if you want to enjoy a full day of shooting.

How Long Can I Leave CO2 in my Air Gun?

Many people ask how long they can leave a carbon dioxide cartridge in an air gun before it runs out and stops working. You do not want to leave your cartridge in after you are done shooting because it will only last for about 24 hours. Even if you don't empty your canister after opening it, the pressurized air will slowly leak out and deplete over time.

You must use the entire cartridge after attaching it to your air gun if you don't want to waste any of your carbon dioxide. If you want to buy cartridges in bulk and want to know how long you can store them, most cartridges will retain their pressure for years unless you open them.

Where to Buy Air Gun Pellets?

You need a constant supply of pellets if you would like to have the best possible experience. A lot of people who are new to competition and recreational shooting are unsure of where they should buy their pellets. Usually, they want to make sure they are getting the best possible deal.

You can find pellets at most sporting goods stores, but you can also find them at your local mall. If you cannot find pellets for your air gun at local stores, you can turn to the internet for all the pellets you could hope to buy. You will be pleased to discover that we have plenty of pellets on our website that you can use in your air gun, and you can purchase thousands of rounds at a time. Having a reliable source of pellets ensures that the fun never ends.

Which Air Gun Pellets Are Best?

Once you pick an air gun that makes sense for your needs and situation, your next step is deciding what pellets you would like to use. Pellets do not cost much, so you can try different types until you find one that works for you better than the rest. You might even discover that you like one kind of pellet for target shooting and another type for hunting.

The type of pellet you use affects the speed, power, and accuracy of each shot you take, so it's a vital factor you can't afford to ignore. Some people prefer using wadcutter pellets when hunting small game because their design stops them from over penetrating. By utilizing a pellet that won't leave the target, you unload all of the pellet's kinetic energy on the target to increase its stopping power.

Domed pellets are an excellent choice if you plan to shoot targets at a distance, and the aerodynamic design makes them perfect for long-range shooting. If you would like to use your air gun to handle pests and wildlife, pointed pellets could be the right solution for your situation. Pointed pellets work well because they penetrate through thick fur and are effective at eliminating pests that get onto your property.

Hollowpoint pellets work well for hunting because they expand in the air and deliver a powerful blow to the animal you are shooting. For the best results, you need to use a high-powered air gun so that the pellet expands appropriately. High-velocity pellets are the right choice if you want pellets that move through the air at the fastest possible speed.

Which Air Gun Is the Best?

You need to decide what air gun is best for you, and the answer is different for each person, depending on what they would like to achieve. Consider whether you want to use your air gun for hunting or target shooting, but you might even need your air gun for pest control.

A spring-powered gun is cheap and accurate, but you can only fire one shot before you have to put the spring back in position. Carbon dioxide air guns fire around 21 shots per cartridge and have a high level of accuracy. Still, the downside is that they do not have much power. Precharged-pneumatic air guns that use an external source of air to fill the tank are robust and accurate, making them an excellent choice for hunting.

How Does a PCP Air Gun Work?

This section explores how precharged-pneumatic air guns work so that you can decide if they make sense for your needs. PCP air guns have a tank in which you store pressurized air, and pulling the trigger releases some of the pressurized air from the tank and propels the pellet forward and out of the barrel.

You can use an air compressor to fill the tank if you would like to do so as quickly as possible, but you can also fill the tank of your air gun with a pump. Read the instructions of any PCP air gun before buying it if you would like to make sure you are getting one that fits your desired outcome.

What Is Air Gun Oil?

Some people use their air guns a lot but forget to clean and maintain them, a mistake you do not want to make. Your air gun needs oil to perform at its best, but it's also important you find the right type of oil for your air gun. You might think you can go to the store and buy gun oil for your air gun.

Oil for standard firearms will harm your air gun and prevent it from working the way it should, so you want to find an oil that works best with air guns. You can find them in most sporting goods stores or at the same place you found your air gun. Rather than using a lot of oil to maintain your air gun, remember that you only need one or two drops at a time to keep it in top shape for years to come.

How to Clean Air Gun Barrel

When you use your air gun, the barrel can collect dirt and oil over time. Some people never clean their air guns because they do not see the need to do so, but you can clean your barrel as often as you want. You must use cleaning patches and run them through the breach so that you don't damage the barrel.

Any damage you cause to the barrel can make your air gun less accurate than it was before. Make sure you also dry the bore when you are done cleaning the barrel if you would like to enjoy the best results possible. If you use lead pellets in your air gun, find cleaning products that remove the lead and restore your air gun to the condition it was in when you first bought it.

What Is the Best Air Gun Pistol?

You are probably wondering what air gun pistol is better than the rest. When it comes to choosing the best air gun pistol, the answer depends on you and your goals. Most people buy air gun pistols to learn how to use a real pistol, but others buy them so that they can have fun shooting targets in their back yards. Your budget also plays a role in the air pistols you are going to buy.

If you want to learn how to use a real pistol but don't have an excellent place to target practice, a carbon dioxide pistol is a fantastic option. These air pistols have almost no recoil and allow you to fire multiple shots at once. You can select a spring-powered air pistol if you do not want to keep spending money on cartridges, and you can still practice firearm handling until you get your hands on a real gun. Look at different air gun pistols and find one that stands out to you more than the others.

What Air Gun Is Best for Me?

Only you can decide what air gun is best for you, but you can keep a few things in mind when you are trying to decide. You can opt for high-end air guns if you have the budget for them and believe they are worth the money. High-end air guns often provide enhanced accuracy and durability, but they also offer a realistic appearance.

A PCP rifle is an excellent choice if you would like to hunt small game or take care of pests that have invaded your property. If you are training to use real firearms, look for air guns that are as similar as possible to the one you would like to buy.

How to Soften Rubber Air Gun Seals

You might discover that your air gun's seal begins leaking air over time, and you need to find a way to solve the problem if you want to keep your air gun in working condition. Your air gun's seal can harden and prevent your cartridges from attaching to the air gun properly, and you will lose a lot of air pressure as a result of this problem. Spraying the rubber seal with silicone spray is a fantastic solution, and your seal should work again after you do it.

How to Clean an Air Gun

Cleaning your air gun maintains its accuracy and ensures that you do not run into unexpected issues along the way. If you only shoot your air gun for fun and don't hunt or do competitions, you only need to clean it if you want to do so.

Hunters and competitive shooters should clean their air guns at least a few times each month. Make sure you find a cleaning kit that is right for the air gun you use, and you can avoid unneeded complications. Begin by placing a few drops of oil on a cleaning patch and running it through the barrel from the breach.

Change the patch a few times until it comes out clean on the other side, and you will know you have finished the task. It is crucial you also dry your air gun once you finish cleaning it, and you will be pleased with the outcome. Also, make sure you use cleaning supplies designed for air guns if you do not want to cause issues along the way.

How to Practice Shooting Air Gun Rifle at Home

You can practice shooting your air gun at home if you have enough space in your yard. Take a few safety precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe while you are shooting, and having an effective backstop is an excellent place to start. A barrier prevents the pellets you shoot from over penetrating and hitting something you did not intend to hit.

Make sure everyone around you knows that you will be shooting so that they don't accidentally get between you and the target. You can even create a barrier that keeps people back while you are shooting. Also though you are not using a standard firearm, you must follow the rules of firearm safety.

How Breech Loading Air Gun Works

Breech-loading air guns work the same way other air guns work, and the only difference is that you load the pellets into the breach of the barrel. Many modern air rifles load pellets from the breach, and this method allows you to fire more than one shot between reloads. On the other hand, a muzzle-loading air gun only will enable you to fire one shot before you need to place another pellet into the gun.

How Do You Change the Manometer on an Air Gun?

Some air guns have a manometer that lets you know how much air pressure is left in your air gun's tank, and this gives you an idea of how fast and accurate your shots will be. These air guns often come with manuals that tell you the ideal air pressure, and you can use that information to improve your accuracy. All you must do is unscrew the old manometer and screw the new one into place.

Final Thoughts

This guide points you in the right direction and helps you decide what air gun makes sense for you. You can now move forward with peace of mind because you have a basic understanding of different air gun types and how they work. If you are still not sure what choice is right for you, review these questions again with your needs near the front of your mind. You can then choose the perfect air gun for your situation and goals.