What Is the Best BB Gun for Kids? All You Need to Know

What Is the Best BB Gun for Kids? All You Need to Know

10th Aug 2020

The allure of a BB gun is just as strong now as it was more than half a century ago. Children continue to feel enamored with the idea of being a cowboy, a police officer, or a home defender. But this leaves parents with a difficult decision to make.

Finding the best BB gun for your child does require a little forethought and planning. These tiny weapons can be dangerous, even though BB guns use tiny pellets instead of bullets. That's why it's crucial to search for the safest model possible.

This guide will help you learn what to look for in a BB gun for kids, and what precautions you should take to keep your child safe. Hopefully, you can use this information to choose the safest and most fun BB gun for your kids.

What Is the Best BB Gun for Kids?

There is no single best BB gun for kids. A great option that might suit a pre-teen, for example, might be too small or wimpy for an older teenager. But there are several qualities and features that generally attract both kids and parents.

Taking these things into account before making a purchase can ensure that you choose the best and safest product for your child. If your child's gun is too heavy, powerful, or difficult to use, there may be problems down the line.

It may also be worthwhile to choose a BB gun that comes with targets or games. These can help encourage a child to use their BB gun responsibly and practice accuracy while having a blast.

Things to Look for in BB Guns for Kids

There are several things to look for when shopping for a BB gun. While aesthetics play a crucial role, the look of a BB gun is not nearly as important as its features and specifications. In general, shoppers tend to consider:

  • Gun Size
  • Firing Velocity
  • Trigger Safety
  • Weight
  • Ease of Use

Let's explore each of these factors in a little more detail to understand why they're important. Knowing what to look for could help you choose a BB gun more quickly, and to make a choice that both you and your child enjoy.

Gun Size

The first thing to consider the size of your preferred BB gun. An adult-sized BB gun tends to average out at about 40 inches in length. That may be too unwieldy for small hands. In this case, a smaller rifle option may be necessary.

The Crosman 760 Pumpmaster tops out at only 35 inches in length, making it one of the most size-appropriate BB guns on the market. Its rifle-like design recalls the days of the Old West and its pump-action stock helps keep tiny fingers in check.

And while the gun size is an important thing to consider, firing velocity may be just as crucial. After all, BB pistols fit far more easily into tiny hands, but they tend to feature a far greater firing capability, which can be dangerous.

Firing Velocity

Firing velocity, or muzzle velocity, refers to the speed at which a BB leaves the gun. The higher the velocity, the more powerful the shot. Parents may naturally choose to start their children off with low-velocity options.

Trigger Safety

One of the most essential things for any parent to consider when purchasing a BB gun for their child is the trigger safety. Some BB gun models feature blocks and safety modes that prevent accidental firing. Others do not.

Look for a BB gun model that has a trigger safety. This can help you and your child avoid a wide range of BB-related accidents and injuries.


A child-sized BB gun shouldn't weigh more than five pounds. Most pump-action BB guns weigh-in at around three pounds, and that's a sweet middle ground.

BB guns that are too light may experience violent recoil, causing injury to the chest, arms, or face. Alternatively, BB guns that are too heavy may be difficult for children to operate.

It's vital to find your kid's ideal weight balance and choose an option that matches their abilities.

Ease of Use

Lastly, it's wise to choose a BB gun that is simple enough for your child to easily use and maintain. If they're not having a good time using the gun, they likely won't continue to try using it. In the end, this could result in a dirty, inoperable BB gun.

Safety Precautions to Consider

It's also worthwhile to note that safety is crucial to gun ownership. Although a BB gun might not be as powerful as comparable weapons, it can still cause injury.

Children who aren't old enough or responsible enough to use a gun safely should not own one. It's also vital that parents spend time teaching their children about gun safety. Parents should also provide the right gear and safety equipment.

Safety goggles are a must for anyone using a BB gun. While simple pump-action rifles don't tend to feature a high velocity, BB pellets can ricochet off of nearby buildings or surroundings, resulting in accidental eye injury.

You may also choose to outfit your kid in tactical gear to help keep their body protected from stray pellets. Tactical gear often appeals to children, so it can be a particularly fun way of encouraging and ensuring physical safety.

BB Gun Vs Airsoft Pistol

Many parents may wonder what the difference between BB guns and airsoft pistols are. While they can have several similarities, there are a few key differences that are worth mentioning. For example:

  • Ammunition Type
  • Accuracy
  • Design

BB guns utilize small BBs or pellets that are often metal. Airsoft guns shoot small plastic pellets that tend to break upon impact. BB guns tend to be more accurate than airsoft guns, making them an ideal choice for target practice.

Finally, many airsoft guns look like standard pistols. This can lead to unpleasant interactions with law enforcement. BB guns, on the other hand, tend to feature a slightly less realistic design and aesthetic. This could make them safer for children.

Choose the Right BB Gun for Your Child

Now that you're aware of what to look for in a BB gun, you can choose the best BB gun for your child! With the right safety gear and training, your kid can safely enjoy their new BB gun without putting an eye out.

Owning and operating a BB gun is a big responsibility. Entrusting your child with their own BB gun can be a rite of passage and a moment to celebrate. With this information, you can choose a BB gun that brings years of fun to your family.

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