Airsoft Vs BB Gun: What's the Difference?

20th Nov 2020

If you're new to the world of Airsoft and BB guns, it can be confusing to learn how to tell the differences. Both are considered 'toy' guns and both fire BBs, but there are some distinct reasons you should learn how to identify the differences before making a purchase.

When it comes to purchasing and researching BB guns and Airsoft guns, it's important first to understand each alternative's power and safety features and the intended uses for each.

Before you make a purchase, take some time to understand better each of these guns and what makes them different from each other. Read on for a comprehensive look at Airsoft vs. BB gun alternatives and finally find the right fit!

Airsoft and BB Gun Histories & Firepower

To better understand what makes each of these guns unique, it helps to see how they evolved to where they are today and the power behind each alternative. If you're interested in building up your Airsoft and BB gun arsenal, start here!

BB Gun History

BB guns' original purpose was to be a close replica of real firearms with the capability of firing small metal pellets known as BBs. The pellets used in this gun are usually made of steel and then coated with copper or zinc. They're smaller and denser than the ammunition used in the Airsoft alternatives.

Markham Air Rifle Company made the first BB gun in 1885. This version was a spring-loaded, wooden air pistol intended for use by young shooters. Two years after that, the Daisy BB Air Rifle hit the market by the Plymouth Air Rifle Company.

BB Gun Firepower

Capable of a shooting velocity of anywhere between 200 to 1000 fps (feet per second), BB guns are a powerful beginner's shooting option. However, BB gun options, even low on the fps scale, can draw blood or even fracture bones when misused. Also, because of the material used to make BB pellets, they can ricochet off objects and cause accidental strikes when intended targets aren't correctly situated.

Since these guns can be quite powerful, you must understand your gun's fps of choice before making your purchase. Depending on the shooter's age and skill level, the power should be scaled to accommodate them for safety purposes.

Airsoft Gun History

The history of Airsoft guns stems from the Japanese company, Tokyo Marui. This gun was introduced in the 1980s when it was illegal to own a firearm in that country. But, these Airsoft alternatives were designed to fire plastic BB pellets. Shortly after that, other options took off in the market in the US.

Airsoft Gun Firepower

As their name suggests, Airsoft guns have less firepower than BB guns. Their velocity is between 300 and 450 fps, and the bullets are made of plastic and are about 6–8 mm in diameter and a standard weight of around .2 grams, designed to cause minimal damage. When it comes to battle-like simulations and training scenarios, these are the ideal guns to cause the least damage.

Airsoft vs. BB Gun: Usage & Precision

When it comes down to it, deciding which air-powered rifle is right for your needs depends on how you plan to use the gun. Whatever your specific needs, these factors can help you identify which gun style will suit your needs.

BB Guns have two primary uses shooting targets and hunting small animals. However, airsoft guns are used more for airsoft battles since they cause less damage and have a lower fps. They're also more realistic looking than BB guns, to allow for battle-like simulations.

For precision, however, BB guns are more precise because their pellets have less drag and shoot at a higher velocity. When it comes to choosing the best Airsoft or BB Gun on the market, first identify your intended use and how you expect it to perform to meet your needs.

Airsoft and BB Guns: Differences & Safety

When choosing an Airsoft gun vs. BB gun, the main differences are the firepower, the gun design, and the uses. Because of these differences, you should first identify your intended purposes and the user's skill level.

When it comes to choosing the right gun, safety should always be top of mind. To safely use either version of the weapon, there are a few key factors to consider. Before purchasing a gun, hitting the range, or going out shooting take the time to understand how to use them correctly.

Since Airsoft guns look more realistic, it's important to follow local laws and regulations on where and how they can be used. They are less powerful than BB guns, but it's still crucial that they are always used for their intended purposes to protect you and those around you.

Since BB guns come in a wide range of firepower, it's vital that you're careful and adequately trained to handle them safely. Shooting a BB gun is fun because of their accuracy, real-world use, and recreational capabilities, but safety should always come first.

Where to Start

Are you ready to purchase your new gun? When it comes to Airsoft vs. BB gun, understanding what makes each option unique is crucial to understanding which style is the right fit for you. Whatever your recreational needs or otherwise, there is an airgun out there for you!

Are you planning on doing more target shooting or perhaps a little hunting? A BB gun would probably be the right fit. If you're interested in battle-like simulations or training scenarios, your best would probably be an Airsoft gun.

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